Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eternal Ponds???

Well we had a hike planned this week with Lauren's family to a spot a friend told them about called "eternal ponds." It was a hike just outside of Snow Canyon Park. If you guys remember the National Park we drove through on our way from Lauren's house to Tuacahn to see the play. So it is a pretty place. So we set off to find this place without a map, just a few pointers on how to find it. It is a place known to few, supposedly. Still unknown to those of us that went, I think.

Here's Lauren and I at the end of the trail. You can see there is no trail, so we had to follow the dried out river bottom to make it to the destination.

This is the whole crew, minus Brad; but he's in the next picture. Bella decided to give you the "blue steel" pose in this shot.

Here's everyone, minus Jayne; but she was in the last picture.

This is way cool, petroglyphs. These are real drawings from Indians that used to be in the area. There are actually quite a few petroglyphs in the area, but the first one I had ever seen. We couldn't make out what it represented, but we think it is a map of the area.

Here's a close up of what we think might be some sort of an animal with horns, an Elk or something.

We finally arrived at what we think might be the "eternal ponds." This was the kind of hike up the cliffs we had to make to see the ponds.

This is the first pond we saw. Bella jumped right in and decided she wanted to swim and take a pee break.

This is where the second pond was supposed to be? It was pretty dried up. But hopefull we'd get to see some better ponds the farther up the cliffs we got we kept pressing forward.

So up one more cliff wall and this is what we got. Another pretty much dried up pond. Oh well. It was fun anyway. Funny thing is, it has rained the past few days, so we figured it'd be more full than this.

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