Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Visit and Kanarville Hike

This was the beginning of a nice little hike... The pictures got a little out of order and for some reason I couldn't rearrange them.
This was the end of the hike... at the end of the narrow passage way from the next few pictures. It was quite a site. Most of the hike is through a river. The river goes about ankle deep. It's about a half hour hike to get to the last little bit. Once you get here it's about 200-300 feet of cliffs that go strait up in the air. The narrow canyon is about 10 feet wide is all. It's a spectacular view as you can see.

Here are a few shots of the narrowness of the canyon and the height of the cliffs.

This was just some random tree that had fallen accross the river.

This was Lauren's attempt at doing a pull up. Well I guess you could say she is doing a pull up for 2.

We hadn't seen Sam and Kim and the kids in over a year. This wasn't the best of pictures because it was the end of a rough day. I can't remember why everyone was so grouchy. Probably cause they were sick of traveling. Sammy wouldn't even look at the camera, Daniel was acting tough or something. We loved having them over. Wish they could have stayed longer.

This was the first time Lauren and I had ever meet Little Conner. He's such a stud. I don't think there was enough space for him to explore around our little house.

This is the kids attempting to do a cool domino train around the table. They never made it all the way around. Someone always bumped the table or slipped so all the dominos would fall before they could finish. It was quite funny. Nice Smile Sammy...

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