Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 09

CHRISTMAS has come and gone... and what a fun long weekend it has been! my first Christmas being a parent. It was pretty easy, Sadie was satisfied with a bottle. Next year it will start getting really exciting, I can't wait until
she gets to open presents! But I'm jumping way ahead of myself... Dan was glad to have a long weekend off from work, and we were both glad to just hang out, enjoy eachother, and relax with family...

Sadie loves to stand. She is so funny, she looks like a little wobbly bobble head. But she is starting to get pretty strong.

Uncle Colton home for the holidays. Soon he will leave us again for Utah State. AKA freezing cold Logan


I know. Cool Picture.

I had to get a picture of my dad in his Christmas pajama pants... you look good dad!

Christmas eve dinner. Dan looks excited to eat. Isn't that a beautiful table? When my mom grew up in northern california they had an old barn behind their backyard and a huge kiwi orchard behind that. It's so pretty there. Anyway, my grandparents recently tore the old barn down to build a new one in its place. Last time we were there my dad hauled some of the old wood from the barn back and he made this table for my mom for Christmas! Awesome

Our infamous game of mexican train.

If you haven't seen Dan laugh pretty hard before, well this is what it looks like. If I remember correctly, which I do, Dan had just messed up my dads train. It's a frequent occurence. Dan cheats. And it never gets old to him!

doesnt Dan look dashing in his new glasses? I love them but I can't get him to wear them in public. He would barely wear them in front of my family. Next time you talk to him tell him how rediculously good looking they are.

The next day. Hangin out with some friends from highschool that were in town for Christmas. wow I always forget how short I am. and I never thought I would be the first mom out of this group!

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Rushton's said...

LOVE your blog. So fun and cute. Love your wedding photo at the top. your family is so cute. We will have to get together for games of mexican train, we love that too! Sounds like you had a good Christmas.