Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Desert Rain

So it's been raining all week. Last night especially. Which has been great, we have really needed the moisture here. This morning at about ten there were still a lot of clouds in the sky but I just wanted to go on a walk so bad! Other than the rain the weather has been perfect, in the fifties. Just right for walking with a hoodie on. I decided I had AT LEAST a good hour before the rain would come back again. Sadie and I went on our usual walk. The two parks close to our house have a walking path that goes between. Dan says they are about 2 miles apart (I'm horrible at judging distances) Anyway, we start at one park, walk to the other one and then walk back. But I have to let you know, there is nothing between these two parks. The river is on one side, and fields on the other. So we started on our walk. About half way through, huge dark clouds moved so fast and stopped right above us! It looked like it was going to start pouring any second. Suddenly I realized the few people I passed had all been wearing rain coats. Uh oh! How horrible of a mother am I?! I have a baby out here and it's about to start pouring rain. I panicked and walked REALLY fast, sometimes jogging (I'm out of shape OK?) until I finally got to the other park where we got under some shelter. I was about to call Dan to come pick us up when I noticed my shoe was untied, which these shoes never come untied. As I leaned down to tie it, I decided to say a quick prayer in my head asking to know whether to stay here or walk back. As soon as I stood up I got the feeling that I should walk back and I would be fine. So, I walked back. And I didnt even think once how awful it would be to have a baby and be caught in the cold rain in the middle of nowhere. I felt totally fine! We got back to the car just fine and as soon as I closed the door it started pouring.... JK! but I was so happy and grateful that I drove all the way out to Kayenta and took these beautiful pictures. There is nothing prettier than the desert right after a rain! And the snow on the mountains is my favorite kind of snow... only in the mountains!

this one snuck in!


Maria Nielson said...

Those pictures look like they could be calander pics! I liked your story, haha ;)

Emily said...

that's a pretty funny story. i am glad you two made it back to the car ok. those pictures are so pretty, and i especially love the one with sadie in it. she is just too cute!

Lyndsi said...

rerbilIt really is beautiful! And the pic of dan and Sadie is adorable, she's sooo big! She looks older than she is!

Jehamacoco said...

yay for gospel principles! :)