Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Monday, May 10, 2010

sweet potato lovin

Our little baby (who is growing up way too fast) tried her first real food a couple days ago.  She did such a good job.  The sweet potatoes were a big hit!!!
These are all pics of the sweet potatoes...sadly the carrots I tried to give her this morning were not nearly as liked.

PS- Happy late Mothers Day! I dont want to share this, so i hope someone will get a good laugh from it.

SO, Mothers day morning, we didnt have church until eleven. We were just hanging out, so i decided to paint my toenails.. Walking from our bathroom to our bedroom the bottle slips from my hand and in slow motion explodes on floor, sending dark red nailpolish all over the floor and WALL.

This happened once exaclty the same way when i was a little girl and i instantly felt like that little girl again.

  Us girls know nothing cleans up nail polish except nail polish remover..(right??!)it came off the tile floor just fine.  i tried to get it off the wall but the paint started coming off!

Anyway, yes it was a huge mess and i felt horrible and could not believe i did that the week before we move out.. and on my first mothers day! it ruined the happy mood. Thankfully Dan got over it pretty fast. well, not pretty fast, but fast.

We enjoyed the rest of the day at my families house and then went over to a friends house. we had so much fun we forgot all about the wall, until we got home. haha

there is some paint in the garage hopefully it will do the trick:)


bRaCkEnS said...

I cant believe how big Sadie is getting!! She is adorable, Im so sad I still havent seen her, such a freakin slacker ok more like a horrible friend! Glad your mothers day was good towards the end and you have paint to fix the wall ;)! hehe!

t & e said...

Sadie is so dang cute, her hair has gotten so light. I did that at the apartment, but it just got ALL over me and a tiny bit on the carpet, so I just cut the tip of the carpet and you couldn't tell, but i had to leave it on me because we were headed to a halloween party, i looked pretty ridiculous. Glad you had an otherwise Happy Mothers Day