Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Saturday, June 5, 2010

a few small additions

My friend Prissy goes to yard sales every saturday morning...she has so much cute stuff in her house that she got for practically nothing.
 Of course I wanted the same so I made her take me along this morning. i officially love yard sales. I found a few small things to help make our empty house a home.

the shelf was $2, and the clock was $1. they looked fine but i wanted these colors (we painted the living room walls a cream color,  it kinda looks like a pale yellow, and i love gray and yellow together) so i bought my best friend, spraypaint.

Our living room.. its coming along. new carpet, new paint, new baseboards. trust me, it looks a million times better than when we first got the house.

the middle frames were 25 cents each. i spray painted those also.

As you can see our walls are huge and make the pictures look tiny. we'll gradually add more to fill the wall up
A big thanks to Dan for hanging all this up PERFECTLY!


Maria Nielson said...

Shay and I are ADDICTED to spray paint!!!!!!!!!!! (As you could tell from my last post!)I wish we had our own place so we could get new carpet, and paint etc..We hit up a few yard sales the other week too, didn't find anything though...It's fun to go to the
DI and find random things like that to paint and use!

bRaCkEnS said...

Umm, Im JEALOUS!!! I think next time you go, you should take me along!! HAHAHAH!!!!!! Way cute stuff, and your craftiness made them even cuter!

t & e said...

spray paint is the best, those items are adorable! love the clock. there are yard sales here all the time i just haven't made it yet. your house looks awesome, nice job on the paint it's a really pretty color. dan, nice job on hanging the pictures!

Lyndsi said...

Nice job! Sounds like we need to come back and visit again just to see the newsest additions....well maybe next Spring when it's not too hot or cold :-) You are oh so crafty/handy!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I have some home decor goodies you can bring home with you while you are out here visiting, if you want ;)