Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Monday, October 18, 2010


well it's another awesome monday morning in the Stock home.
usually no matter how late we put sadie to bed she always wakes up at 8, but this morning she slept in til 9! Complete awesomeness... anyway, sadie and i walked outside to get something from the car, it smelled so good from raining all night long... almost there when i here a crunch under my foot. i look at the ground and there are hundreds of snails all over the driveway! and then i look at our house and they are all over our walls! why do snails want to climb up walls?! it was gross.

anywho, Dan is leaving to provo today for more training. he has been doing this every week this month. its for a few days so i will be staying at my parents house. i know i should stop being such a little scaredy pants but i get so creeped out at night by myself.
last week we went with dan, its was like a little vacation with almost everything paid for!
the first night we got there we had dinner at my aunts house. grandma and other aunts and uncles were there it was a great time.
so every morning consisted of dropping dan off for training, sadie and i would go back to the hotel, get ready, and then go shopping! we were 5 minutes away from two awesome malls so it only seemed logical. one day my brothers girlfriend Chelsey came shopping with me. i love her and it was fun to get to know her. the next day my aunt kelly watched sadie all day! i actually went to a movie by myself which was  pretty nice. 
then one night we drove to salt lake and went to dinner with my dear friend jenna and her man bj. then we walked around temple square. i had such a good time it was a nice change from being at home. maybe next week ill have to go up there again.

so here are some pictures of our little "halloween party" it was kind of last minute so colton and chelsey could be there. good times with the fam:)

sorry i made the pictures bigger but then they were blurry!

So thats our lives so far this month. the weather has been cooling down i have been LOVING it.
Sadesters birthday is in two weeks! i cant believe she is turning one. This age so far has been my favorite.  she is so funny and easy to take care of.  she doesnt mind being in her play pen anymore since she can stand up and walk around in it.. yes i said walk around! she will walk in her play pen but not anywhere else yet. i dont count leaning against things and walking.  most of the time she doesnt even need to be in there. if i put a movie on she will sit there and play with her toys. and i love putting fall clothes on her they are so cute.
ALSO sadie is on her last can of formula. it is sooo nice not buying anymore formula or baby food. yay!    

 life is good. thats all i have to say:)

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Rashelle "Rash" Segura said...

love all the fun pictures of the family together and I too am excited about the season change!!! Can't believe your little one is already turning one soon!!! She is such a beauty!