Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween and birthdays

it looks like halloween and the birthday are all mixed together.. well they kinda are.. but dont worry, not on the same day. Saturday night we went to our ward trunk or treat. Sadie was a 50's diner girl. she was the cutest one there:) i really wanted to dress her up as Dwight, her hair is so perfect for that.. but i decided she needed to be cute for her fist halloween. so, she doesnt look happy in most of these pics but she really had such a fun time!
then on sunday we celebrated her birthday (even though it was on monday) so the whole fam could be there.

our awesome pumpkins. mine is the skeleton arm coming out of the ground, and dans is the cool green bat.

one of sadies birthday presents. we let her play with it the night before. she seriously is all over the house with this walker, she even learned how to back it up and turn it around

on saturday we celebrated chelseys birthday!

here she is on sunday with her birthday dress

opening presents. she would only pull a tiny little piece of paper at a time so i did most of the unwrapping

the cool thing about sadies candle... its the same candle i used when i turned one!

goin at it

since she loves elmo i made elmo cupcakes. and my friend made that way cute elmo shirt she is wearing. 

still goin at it

finally she got full and starting throwing the frosting everywhere so i stopped her. she clearly did not like that!

happy birthday sadie cant believe youre a whole year old!


bRaCkEnS said...

How fun!!! Happy Birthday to Sadie! I cant believe a year has already gone by!!!! So crazy...

t & e said...

She is sooooo cute. I can't even believe it. I seriously think that she and Mya look a little bit a like. Her costume is adorable, wish we could have been there to help celebrate. Happy Birthday Sadie, love Auntie Emmy.

kaysi fox said...

her outfit is SOOO cute, what a doll! those cupcakes look so yummy, you are so creative! i cant wait till my little babe is a year, what a fun time for you two!! :) oh & your pumpkins are nuts, i had to show my husband! we are in awe!!! carving pumpkins is totally hard, so were pretty impressed! haha

Lyndsi said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! I cannot believe Sadie is 1! I do think she was the cutest little diner's girl ever! And, I liked the candle that you used too ;-)

Genna said...

Holy Cow she is getting so big and completely adorable!! We need to get together when I'm in SG either over Thanksgiving or Christmas or both!! Miss you LO!

Rushton's said...

nice job on the cupcakes! they looked fabulous. She was so stinkin cute on halloween. way cute!