Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving (but really all about sadie)

so i left my husband for thanksgiving... dont judge me!
my family went to norcal for thanksgiving and at the last minute i decided to go since i hardly ever get to see most of my family. and some of them have never seen sadie.
i felt bad but dan told me to go..(maybe he wanted some freedom)..and he had thanksgiving with the hokansons.  so it turned out alright.
except it turned into a 13 hour car ride because of the snow packed roads! poor sadie was a trooper for most of it but the last couple hours were rough.
besides that we had fun seeing our family!

she really only pets the cousins she REALLY likes

Lucas is only 8 months old and almost as tall as her.  sorry sadie you have short parents

kisses for grandpa

"dontcha wish yer girlfriend was hot like me?"

hey hermano

we were making fun of him because whenever he smiles his eyes are practically closed. love ya

mick and i

beauty queens

"watcha lookin at?"


playing dominos with aunt robin

"sadie give momma kiss"
"talk to the hand mom"

fighting over the newspaper?

ps- im so mad i didnt get a picture of sadie with her great grandparents!


our little family said...

wow her hair has really grown! I love her "doncha wish your girlfrind" pose, it's soooo adorable. man i miss you guys.

Richelle said...


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

You're soooo right! SJ and wes look so much alike in the fourth pic down where she is making that silly face--too cute! they have the same eye color, mouth and nose!