Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

kitchens and nails

We finally did it! we got the cabinets painted.
our awesome friends have a heavy duty paint sprayer that we borrowed which helped so much!
it stilled turned into an all day project, but totally TOTALLY worth it.
besides updating appliances, which wont happen for a long time, we are done with the kitchen. im so happy i love it!
Thanks to my wonderful husband who put in all that hard work to turn our ugly kitchen into a beautiful country living one. it makes such a differece in a womans life to have a nice place to cook and clean (for you):)

ever heard of jamberry nail shields? you can only get them online.  i wasnt too sure at first, but ended up getting them anyway for corinne, mickey, and chelsey for christmas. part of the present was giving them manis and pedis before i (professionally) put them on...even though it was my first time with nail shields.
look how cute they turned out!
they are suppose to last 2-3 weeks. we will have to do this again in the summer so people can actually see these cute feet!

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