Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Monday, September 5, 2011

weekend in cheyenne

so we spent the weekend at dans parents house.. and since the shumways live there while their house is being built there was never a dull moment! sadie loved playing with sammy who is 5 and connor who is almost 3. they make her laugh so hard! anyway, on saturday once upon a kid was having a huge tent sale on their winters clothes, and since we dont own any i went on stocked up on some for sadie. she now owns a real coat, snow pants, boots, gloves... and when i got home she wanted to try it all on!

the weather was so perfect we just had to go on a bike ride.

playmates sadie and connor. for the most part they were really nice to eachother. until it came to toys...then it became pretty territorial.

playing the shumways guitar. she was singing the barney song it was cute!

what an entertainer

while daniel was jammin away on the piano, he is so good, the kids decided it was time to start dancin! sammy and connor seriously have some sweet moves.

then connor did a summersault, or a dance move i dont know the name of, and sadie just happened to be in the way and got blind sided

connor felt so bad he gave her a hug!

she eats way too many goldfish

on monday jan and wally took us out to lunch and then we went to the park to feed to ducks.. there was only one at first...

but it quickly became a bird brawl for the bread. then they all started getting a little to close for comfort so we left.

and did some labor day sale shopping.. hey i need to some winter clothes too!

she was such a daddys girl this weekend!

she seriously loves her animals so much.. as soon as we got back home they all had to be next to her:)


Chelsey said...

Haha awe I especially love the first picture. She is so darling! I'm glad you guys had fun! :)

t & e said...

she is too cute! that sounds like a fun weekend, glad you are close to family but just wish it was us!

bRaCkEnS said...

Fun!!1 Im glad you guys are getting settled!! Sadie, is ADORABLE!