Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Saturday, October 4, 2008


We were laughing cause when we came out of the temple everyone just kinda looked at us and clapped. We had no idea what to do. It was kind of awkward.

During all this confusion, we figured we would just kiss to by some time to think of what to do next.
Here's a shot of some of Lauren's cousins helping her with her dress.

This was the best shot of everyone at the temple. We tried to crop in a picture of Pres. Stock, but it just wouldn't work. The glare from the sun came back to strong. Sorry Dad. We just decided we'd be happy to have your spirit with us.

This picture is pretty cool. If you look at some of the people you'll get a laugh. I think mom was cheering cause she finally got to hold little Sammy, and the fact that she didn't have to worry about her 27 year old son anymore.

The Stock Family (Minus Kim And Sam)

It's a good thing we had a few women from the family with us, or that picture would have broke the camel's back.

The one inlaw Lauren has met. A trip to England is in the making.

The Cox Family (minus Marshall)

This picture got sent to Bridal Magazine. We still haven't heard back.

We served snow cones during the reception. The next picture shows the snow shack that we rented for the day. They were good. Made for some good refreshment during the long reception line.

The snow shack was a hit. I think the wait to get a snow cone was longer than the wait to get through the reception line.

You know... you'd figure that a woman would be able to feed another person without missing their mouth. After all they do have a motherly talent to feed their kids without to much trouble. I guess Lauren has some work to do. I don't think I even got a crumb in my mouth. Luckily I'm not that good at feeding either.

Here is a picture of the awesomely decorated gazebo. It had all sorts of pictures of Lauren and I, but mostly Lauren's bridal pictures. It was cool.

Here's a view of some of the reception place. Just after the sun went down, and just after Lauren and I got in the car to leave it started to rain. It made for a quick clean up.

Thanks to all who came, and all who helped!!!

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t and e said...

you are such a dork dan! the pictures look awesome. i am so glad you finally have this going because i like to see whats going on since i'm so far away. i love the picture of laurens brother in the pic that we are celebrating and i love sammy's face (like this is so boring) but he still has his hand up. love you guys!