Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is sadie and her good friend Brinley. they are less than 2 months apart.
Stacey and i are determined to have them be best friends.
so we try to get them to play together.

and it works for a few minutes....

but this is all sadie really loves to do now.. walk..and walk..and walk..
she loves going off by herself.
she doesnt care how far away mommy is.
she's going...


see that little tiny pink dot?
thats my little wanderer.
dont worry, after i took this picture i chased her down.
honestly, she could care less about the swings and everything else at the playground, she just wants to walk. the other day at the park she held my hand and walked a mile with me around the bike path. im not exaggerating!
this has become my favorite time of the day though. i take her outside, she holds my hand, and we will just walk. usually in peace and quiet. sometimes she will have conversations with herself. i love it.

in other news, everyone else is doing really well. dan really likes his job at the bank. he has become good friends with another banker that he works with, who happens to be the number one banker in utah, and he helps him out a lot. he really enjoys not having to make phone calls for three hours a day. most of the time, people just come to him. and he is so good with all the banking business, which i know harldy anything about. he was made the coach for YM basketball. so he goes to that game and then afterwards he plays ball with the old men. he likes the exercise.

im somewhat getting use to being a relief society teacher..i said somewhat. i get so nervous the whole time im up there, so i love when we get a good discussion going. and i am learning so much.
 its probably the one week a month i actually get to be in relief soicety the whole time. its so hard with sadie! one of us is always chasing her around. i have recently learned to just take her to nursey and hang out in there. she is such a good girl there, and loves the older kids. most of the time she is the only one paying attention during singing time! she loves it. only three more months left, im counting down the days until she can be there without me and i can enjoy class again.

and i have to say thank goodness for grandmas! and everyone else in my family who helps to babysit.
last friday, my mom took sadie at one! so i had the rest of the day all to myself. its amazing how much you get done when you dont have anyone to watch! i cleaned the house, did laundry, cleaned out the car, swept the driveway, and read my book for a couple hours. it was glorious. when dan got home we went to the temple for a session. it makes me feel good we squeezed it in for january!

oh and one more thing...

sadies aunt gave her this cute and silly flower headband, she wears it around everyday as a necklace.
so pretty:)


The Bailey Duo said...

I love her...she is ADORABLE!! That's all!! ;)

Lyndsi said...

Looks like you'll always be wearing running shoes when you go outside....just for that cute little girl :-)

Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

Wesley is just like that at the park. Doesnt care about any of the playground things...he just wants to walk. The must be family.

kcmhubbard said...

How cute! It looks like she definitely a walker:) That's so awesome, she looks so big and independent!