Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Thursday, March 31, 2011

catching up

sadie is down for a nap.
the kitchen is clean.
ive got my chips ahoy.
and i actually feel good!
its time to blog.

this is what we have been up to for the last month and a half or so..

we made our first family trip up the cheyenne.
in february.
it was freezing. there was a blizzard the day after we got there. and the wind seriously never stopped!
lets just say the only time i was outside was when i was running to the car.
nevertheless, we had a fun time! most of dans family was there, we even surprised his parents!
it was fun hanging out and watching sadie get to know her cousins.

mya and sadie in their matching outfits. they both look so much like their dads, but they look like cousins at the same time.. matching hair and eyes? thats pretty cousinly.
em and i matched our gray and white on purpose too.

here are all the cousins.. minus 2 1/2

the timing was really crazy because the day after we got home from WY, i started having morning sickness.. lets just say it was a surprise. we thought it wouldnt happen for a few months.
i guess this baby really wanted to come!
ive been sick.. i have my zofran which takes the edge off so i dont throw up,
but this last month has been nothing but exhaustion and gross feeling.
water tastes really gross so we have been stalking up on gatorade.
seriously the mango one is sooo good.
ive been trying to stay hydrated so i wouldnt get as sick as last time.
so far so good.
with sadie i could not even get out of bed without throwing up. 

this poor child has been raising herself.

thank goodness for my family (and dan) who has been helping out so much:)
so i am 9 weeks now and i am acutally starting to have some good days.
its mostly just the nights where i dont feel good...poor dan

here is part of our garden we planted last weekend. we planted watermelon, tomatoes, carrots, cuccumbers, squash, and honeydew.
we dont really know what we are doing. we just hope something grows.

can you see the little footprints everywhere?

sadie thought it was so funny to throw dirt on us!

a couple days ago my sister mckenna turned sweet 16.
we sure love her!

i looooved her sweet 16 cake.

my parents had a limo take her and her friends to town for some icecream.
the limo driver even rolled out the red carpet for them..fancy

my mom was mean and used trick candles which took several minutes to blow out

no one loved the cake as much as this little girl...

but she didnt mind sharing...

happy birthday mickey!

dan loves mckennas ipad. he taught sadie how to play angry birds. like father like daughter.
do you see the chapstick she is about to apply? she recently discovered this product and loves it a little too much.
like mother like daugher!


Jennifer said...

Lauren! What a beautiful family! I love what a great mom you are! So jealous I can't be there!

bRaCkEnS said...

Its about time slacker!!!! ;)...I hope you get feeling better! and im so excited for ya!!! You have a cute cute fam.Love ya girly!!

our little family said...

First off, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I can't wait see who this baby will look like. Hopefully he/she will look more like you this time. Second, Mya and Sadie do totally resemble each other. You can def. tell they are cousins. I'm glad to hear you are feeling pretty ok and hopefully it passes soon. Now that you have made a trip to Wyo, you need to make a trip to Texas, WAY better weather!

The Ramsay's said...

yay!! Congrats on being pregnant again:) That is so exciting! two is definitely more busy than haveing one but it's also more fun:)

kaysi van dyke fox said...

that is the CUTEST cake ever!!!!! love all of these updates!! you have such a cute family!!