Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Monday, April 4, 2011

10 weeks

this is what i look like at 10 weeks:

i cant believe im showing already!
last time i didnt look like this until 18 weeks.
since i have been feeling better i was starting to get excited, so i looked up some old pictures that my mom emailed me.

ok, yes, this is cute.

still the cute stage

and then bam
i remember the first time i saw this. i couldnt believe how huge i looked!
and this is only at 8 months.
the excitement is starting to fade.

and then i saw this and almost started to cry
im pretty sure this was just a couple days before sadie came.
i was so big! being short and having a short torso does not help when you are prego
i dont think anyone besides my family saw me in the last month.
and i dont think i allowed any other pictures to be taken
i was so miserable i never wanted to go anywhere..except maybe to eat:)
plus it was so stinkin hot outside (i promised myself i would never be pregnant during summer again....SHOOT)
plus i had a hernia under my belly button (which i still have) which hurt really bad!
just looking at this makes me depressed.
SO- i just need to keep reminding myself its all worth it!
i cant wait for sadie to have a little brother/sister to play with:)

BYTHEWAY- i wanted to let you all know how proud i am of daniel. instead of paying 160 bucks to have our tv fixed, he fixed it all by himself! he seriously is turning into such a handy man, i love it.  stay tuned for our bathroom pictures, dan is ripping it out this week! YAY!


tylerandtia said...

ha ha ha you crack me up! You stayed gorgeous the whole time! We miss you guys! Hope all is well

MyLyn said...

I can send you some pictures of me pregnant with Owen! I promise it will make you feel MUCH better! haha! I was a whale! congratulations on the new baby! and don't feel bad about hating getting big. We're women! We like to be skinny! You'll be skinny again soon enough I promise! :-) And lucky for you, you look cute either way!

Chelsey said...

Haha did Corinne not like the shawl thing? lol. but it looks way cute on ya!! You look so cute! I miss seeing ya a lot..but I'm so glad you're feeling better!!
love ya girly..

t & e said...

Lauren you look so good. You only think you look huge but you look so cute. I am still shocked that you have the same due date as Sadie bug. I am proud of Dan too, coming from my family the boys are all helpless so I'm super impressed he's doing it. I knew he could. I can't wait to see pics of the bathroom. I seriously need to come visit and see your cute house.

The Ramsay's said...

you look amazing either way! Congrats on being preggo:)

bRaCkEnS said...

Ha!! Oh Lauren, it SO does not make me miss being Pregnant!!! And YEs.. Its totally worth it, and will fly by!!!! Congrads again Cute girl!!!

Anonymous said...

you look stunning lauren!!! Congrats and enjoy this season of pregnancy!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I miss you guys so much! Sadie is such a big girl, and so beautiful! and you look amazing, all preggo and adorable! We need to come visit very soon and hang out. Can't wait to see your bathroom :)