Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Monday, April 18, 2011


12 weeks.. ahh finally. this is by far the best trimester. so more sickness.
youre in the "cute" stage.
and for the most part, youre not too uncomfortable.
but now, i know its just going to start going too fast.
this little one is going to be here before we know it!

so here is our destroyed bathroom:

dan ripped out the old bathtub surround and counter.
and then he put the drywall up.
actually we finally had the new surround  and counter put on.
it looks so good. and we painted.
other than cleaning, all we have to do is touch up the walls, paint the cabinet, frame the mirror, and put on a new light fixture.

sadie has been taking her baths in the sink, which she has loved.
plastic bowl and top of a bottle, those are always good bath toys.

all she had were winter pjs so i bought her some new ones.
dora and minnie mouse. her favorites! now getting dressed for bedtime is FUN
and she is watching one of her favorite shows, mickey mouse clubhouse.

still watching mickey mouse! sometimes she really gets in the zone and will not take her eyes off the tv.
not even to take a picture with mommy!

we decided to go to the kite festival on friday.
it was fun! it was a way bigger deal than we thought it would be. there were rides and games everywhere.
sadie loved the bus ride we had to take from the parking lot.

going down the little kid slide!

she did not want to get out of the ball pit

then we decided to try the big slide!
i really thought she would get scared...

they really got going prett fast.
but she laughed the whole way down!

and of course she wanted to do it again

my awesome photography

then we made our way over to the kite field. none of us had kites.. so we bought a couple $2 kites.
not the best idea

we had a little trouble getting them to stay in the air.

this little girl would NOT smile for the camera!

we could barely even get her to look at it

see what i mean?

the kites were more important

so important, she decided to give it a go herself

dan finally got his kite up for a minute!

a baby chugging pepsi? wheres your mother!

i made fruit pizza for dessert on sunday:)

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A Day With Berlynn Photography said...

yor fruit pizza looks amazing! I have been craving this for a while and took this post as a sign to make it for easter! Love all of the new photos!