Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Alright I'm ready to blog! I must admit I feel like a loser... seriously who has their husband update their blog for them?! But I feel, especially now that we have our little girl, that it is my duty to keep everyone updated on our little family! I usually just stick the pictures up on facebook, but it seems really fun to be able to write and let you know whats going on with us. I really love reading everyones elses! So here I go, my first attempt at a blog post...

Of course this is mostly going to be about our little princess... doesnt she look like one? we didnt turn her into one on purpose! I think that due to our lack of parental wisdom we have spoiled her as much as a baby can possibly be spoiled. And it doesn't help having her be the first grandchild on my side and my family around. She pretty much gets held whenever she wants, and it has made her such a cuddle bug. Definitely her favorite way to sleep. But what can I say? We just love her so much! Sadie has brought so much joy to our lives and Dan and I dont know what we would do without her. She makes me smile so much she is so funny and precious!
I love this picture. Sadie right after a bath... her hair is so fluffy and sticking straight up from washing it, nothing you can do about that! I tell you her hair is wild. Apart from being old man hair (tons on the sides and just some wispies on top) it's just so soft and fluffy, I dont know what to do. I try making a little curl on top but it doesnt really work out. Good thing she is cute! Oh and she finally didnt cry during her bath today, she loved it!

She is definitley plotting something here.. probably how to get a bottle sooner than she is suppose to. Also she has been smiling a lot lately but i have not been able to catch one on camera yet! Soon enough...

BURP TIME! I guess we have been extremely lucky in that Sadie never spits up. She chugs her bottle in about ten minutes and then lets out a couple good burps afterward. Our doctor said not to worry, our next kid will probably throw up all over the place. Even without the spit up,certain smells are everywhere. it's crazy how EVERYTHING now smells like either formula, or wet diapers. I can't remember what life was like before this. But it's great!

superwoman! I dont know if Dan should already be starting up with the stunts?

So... can a person possibly look any more comfortable than this? I dont think so. She has been getting a little more fussy lately, and so our friends let us borrow their baby swing. She LOVES it. I love it too. It helps keep her content so I can get things done...when I'm not being lazy.

Gettin held by grandma!

I know this is mean but I couldnt help putting this pic up! it's so cute when she cries. Well not her real cry, that's not so fun, but her fake cry. It's like she doesnt even know what she is crying for and doesnt really want to cry, but just loves the attention she gets from it!

My little sister Corinne, she is a senior in highschool. We went to her Christmas choir concert tonight. She is so good on the piano and she played a few of the songs tonight. Also i didnt take a picture but she is an amazing singer. She is in madrigals and they sang a few really pretty Christmas songs. Good job!

The view from my parents house in Diamond Valley. It's about ten degrees cooler than in town so they got snow and we didnt. It was so pretty i had to take some pics. And there is Bella blending in with the snow! She loved it, she was running around everywhere. Well thanks for reading! Hopefully i'll get the Christmas cards sent off tomorrow:)


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

Oh Lo I love it! you are a mommy and your baby is sooo adorable! Im glad to see an update!!

tylerandtia said...

Oh good, you updated! She is so so cute! I love her! You are such a cute little mommy!

Lyndsi said...

yay.....she is too cute and I can tell that you, Dan, and your family are eating her up and spoiling her....just the way it should be:-) Great pics and update, thanks!

Emily said...

FINALLY!!!! an update, I told Dan that four weeks is just not acceptable when we all live so far away. It was so fun to see her via skype the other night. I just love her and can't wait to see her. Keep the posts coming!

Derek and Tomi said...

lauren your daughter is beautiful!! im happy for you guys. i can already tell you guys are going to be awesome parents!!

kaysi fox said...

oh my heck she is ADORABLE lauren!!! what a cutie pie!! :) CONGRATS!!!! you are the cutest mommy!!

Wyoming Mom said...

She is beautiful...and why do Dads do those stunts with there children?! Still freaks me out!