Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Happy Holidays from The Stock Family

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

still around

   just thought i'd let everyone know we are still alive! i havent posted anything yet because i cant find our camera charger so i dont have any pictures to show:( dont worry we still have some boxes to unpack...which might take awhile. im pretty sure im not going to have any energy for the next two months.
   we have been doing a lot of drving around, getting the lay of the land and remembering where things are.casper is a...quaint town. some of it is pretty and some of it is not so pretty. i guess you could say that about anywhere. i try to stay positive and have fun but it is kinda hard moving to place where you dont know a single person!  we have been to a lot of parks and sadie loves the little play place that is in the mall.
   dan is doing really well at his new job. every single person that works for him is a girl!  the banks numbers were really low before he came.  but last week they hit their daily goals everyday which is huge! he is really turning the bank around... casper main is back on the map! you have to see a picture of his building. its downtown so its really old, and its a huge white dome! kinda bizarre. and they have a huge tower that says wells fargo on it (you can seriously see it from anywhere in town) which i think helps bring in a lot of business
   what else...oh the weather here is amazing. st george friends be jealous. mostly in the 80's and then goes down to the 50's at night. i love it!
   the last few days sadie has randomly been taking  diaper off and then will go potty on the floor... time to potty train! i bought a little seat that goes on the toilet.  everytime she sits on it she gets a candy. and then she will sit on it for a while... i get her to drink some water and read books, but no potty yet. im really hoping i can get this to work before the baby comes.
   my brother colton just got engaged, im so happy for him and jenna is so awesome! they are getting married in logan, oct 7th! im planning on going, even though i will be so huge by then.  im excitd to see my family.
   oh ya i have to mention how annoying it is to find a new hairdresser. in st george my friend did it and she was so good i love her! its seriously scary going to someone you dont know. my moms friend that lives here told me she goes to the jcpenney salon, she said everyone there is good. and im sure everyone else there is good, i think i must have gotten the one bad one. it took her less than 10 minutes to cut which is insane, she cut it way too short and basically just chopped it. i hate it. i dont know what to do?!  prissy come fix my hair!
   well thats it for us so far. i cant believe we have only been up here 2 1/2 weeks! its feels like its been forever. hopefully i will find the camera charger and put up some pics of our new place and new town:)


Lauren said...

Lauren, I have my cousin that just moved to Casper and a really good friend that I grew up with who lives there. They are great girls! Let me know if you want their information. Email me at llshumway@gmail.com Glad to hear you're adjusting ok!

bRaCkEnS said...

Im glad your getting settled!!! And hopefully youll find a good hair dresser! haha... Cant wait to see picts!!! Congrads colton!!!

Bader125 said...

Lauren, my sister live in Casper and has an amazing hair dresser. Beth's email address is bworthen@bresnan.net. If you need anything, give her a shout! Good luck!

This is Sarah Bade, by the way - not Chad :-)